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Melbourne based production company 5&A Films create quality content that resonates with today's media savvy consumers.

Constantly reaching for a unique message and fresh visual, 5&A are modern storytellers who help people, companies, agencies and brands connect with their audience.

Broadcast television. Branded content. TVC's. Live-event. Post-production. Our work has been screened nationally and internationally and we've collaborated with clients such as Foxtel, Eurosport, BMW Australia, ANZ, NAB, Carat and Playstation.

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Content | Creation | Communication

At 5&A Films, we create premium content that resonates with today's media savvy consumers.

We specialise in TVC's, online advertising and live-event production. In addition, we offer an end-to-end, stand-alone post-production service.

Elevating the importance of a unique message and engaging visual, 5&A are modern storytellers who help companies, agencies and brands connect authentically with their audience.

Please feel free to drop us a line.


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